Halloween 2020

A Creepy Halloween Costume Session | Covington, WA

A list of costumes my girls have worn in the past 3 years:

Belle (Beauty and the Beast) & Airline Pilot

Deer & Shark

Hogwarts Student & Squid

As you can tell, we don’t exactly do creepy costumes. Until this year! It started out with me wanting a photo of Isabelle dressed like a ghost and needing something for Brie to dress up as. So I thought I would use whatever makeup I had laying around to try to make her look like a zombie. My extreme lack of makeup skills led to her just looking like a small undead/possessed girl so we went with it. But, once Belle saw the “fun makeup” she wanted in on it too and requested the look you see here.

Long story short, what started out as a cute ghost photo session led to the creepy photos before you.

As it turns out, creepy costumes are kind of fun. Watching them jump at every little noise in the woods during this session was a lot of fun for me at least! And all those scary movies I suffered through in my younger years finally came in handy when it came to posing. It did have the girls giving me plenty of side eyes though.

The girls were so proud of their acting and couldn’t wait to show these photos to our family’s Queen of Halloween, Aunt Sammy.

Sam, we hope we made you proud!

Note: Brie is going as the sparkliest frilliest rainbow unicorn you’ve ever seen this year, so creepy isn’t here to stay.

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