Arthur + Family Part II

A Day at the Park Inspired Fall Family Session | Washington Park Arboretum | Seattle, WA

A funny story about this session. This arboretum is about an hour away from where we live; so we planned for our whole family to go together. We were going to arrive early and walk around for awhile to enjoy the nice weather and get some exercise. Cut to us arriving a little over an hour before the session was scheduled only to find that there. was. no. parking. Anywhere. Apparently everyone had the same idea we did. Every lot was full. We drove around for 30 minutes trying to find a spot only to end up having Brian drop us off and then go park the car approximately 100 miles away.

You know what though? I would absolutely do it again; it was 100% worth it. Because every time I see photos from this session, I can’t help but smile. I had so much fun watching Arthur chase bubbles and bunnies and this little family have the time of their lives just playing together in the park. It warmed my heart. Which was really good, because it was a very cold day!

I hope these photos make you smile too!

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