Y Family

Family of 3 and a Puppy | Luther Burbank Park | Mercer Island, WA

When these guys showed up for their session with their dog, Toby, in tow, I knew we were going to get along juuuuust fine. I’m pretty sure all dog owners are immediate friends; part of the club you know? I was right, we had a great time walking through the park discussing the quirks of little dogs and the benefits of Goldendoodles. I think we sold them on a Goldendoodle as their next family pet, despite Kailyn not knowing what a Goldendoodle was. We showed her a picture of our Harris and I’m gonna say she was all for it. Harris is downright irresistible after all.

Cute story though; near the end of their session, a woman walked past with a small white dog on a leash, which could very well have been a small poodle, and Kailyn pointed at it and shouted, “look a Gogodoodle!”

Speaking of Kailyn, we have to talk about how photogenic this girl is. She was the absolute perfect little model and so well behaved! At one point, she actually said she wanted to take MORE pictures. Music to my ears!

You guys, thank you for making this session total perfection. It was not only beautiful, but also incredibly fun and easygoing. We loved meeting you all and introducing you to one of our very favorite parks. I hope you enjoyed your session and these photos as much as we did!

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