Isabelle Naomi is 14

14th Birthday | Golden Hour Park Session | Clark Lake Park, WA

You know she can drive next year? We only have 4 more years until she leaves for college? She’s starting high school in exactly 2 weeks?

It’s such a cliche, but I just really don’t know where the time has gone. Wherever it went, it sure has turned her into a super cool person.

Isabelle, Belle to her friends (and Bellebo Baggins to her mom), is an old soul.

She has little patience for current music; preferring to listen to songs strictly from the early 2000’s. She has a very cool t-shirt collection consisting of Full House, The Beatles, Star Trek, and Percy Jackson. She collects vinyl records, snow globes, and books about Greek mythology.

She’s motivated; going outside to work on basketball drills and boxing without anyone prompting her. She helps motivate me too, encouraging me to go running with her even when I don’t feel like it.

She’s your typical first born child. Nurturing and responsible. I’m always finding her helping her little sister (even though sometimes she complains) and she’s the best at doing her chores.

Best of all, she always agrees to model for me. She even lets me dress her up and fix her hair; even though she would absolutely prefer to be in athletic clothes and a messy bun.

Happy Birthday Isabelle Naomi. Promise me you’ll come home every year for your birthday sessions even after you’re a grown up!

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