Gabrielle Rosalie is 10

10th Birthday | Summer Sunset Field Session | Covington, WA

Our youngest, our little sour patch kid, is 10.

No more single digits in this house; no more kids. It’s only tweens and teens for us now.

It’s not all wistful nostalgia though, there is some darn good stuff too. Learning more and more every day about who a person is, and who they hope to be, is a great honor.

Gabrielle, Brie to her friends, is….special. There’s no other way to put it. She’s not like anyone I’ve ever known.

She is brave. She loves making new friends, has no problem asking for what she wants (sometimes fighting for what she wants), and holding her ground. She is also afraid. She hates the dark, being alone in any part of the house, heights, and trying new food.

She is confident. She tells me repeatedly how smart she is, she makes art and thinks every bit is a masterpiece, and she will correct or challenge anyone, anytime, anywhere.

She is passionate. She has the biggest heart for shark and ocean conservancy. She started a club with all the kids she knows called The Shark Savers. They meet in a tent in our yard and she tells them about sharks and the problems they face, then they try to come up with ideas about how they can help. She writes letters to organizations with her ideas about safer fishing practices, and she makes sure we donate money regularly to her favorite research/education platform, Ocearch. I could go on about her other shark related endeavors, but I’ll spare you. You get the point. Girl loves sharks.

Most of all, she loves her family. And we love her too!

Happy Birthday Gabrielle Rosalie.

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