L Family

A PNW Inspired Family Session | Luther Burbank Park | Mercer Island, WA

This family was a family after my own heart. You know how I know? Their names are Catherine, Kenny, and Cameron.

Alliteration is my jam!

I’m always so jealous of families who’s names are perfectly in sync. We are so close in our family. Our kids go by their nicknames 99% of the time, so we have my husband, Brian and our daughters, Belle and Brie. Then there’s me, Misty, odd man out, ruining that perfect alliteration. Drat!

Anyways, I digress.

This incredibly friendly and outrageously gorgeous family not only had perfect names, but they made perfect photos too!

Cameron was such a rock star. I swear the only time he didn’t look at the camera was when he got distracted by the waves on the lake. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to compete with waves for a baby’s attention. Completely understandable.

I was so impressed with their outfit choices. I’m a neutrals kind of a girl so I was seriously digging their color scheme (I told you they were a family after my own heart). And the fact that Cameron’s outfit was not only adorable (it had polar bear ears on the hood ya’ll) but also completely functional and kept him warm kind of blew my mind a little bit. So smart!

Having moved here not too long ago, they really wanted to showcase the beauty of the area in their photos. Which, to be honest, is hard NOT to do because the PNW kind of throws breathtaking scenery in your face every time you turn around here. But I’m glad I could take them to one of my favorite places and really let it show off.

Catherine, Kenny, and Cameron-thank you so much for allowing me to part of your first family session! I’m so glad you’re here and loving this beautiful area. Please enjoy your feature on the blog. And don’t forget to try Mo’s sometime soon!

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