Tin + Trang | Engaged

A Camp Long Engagement Session | Seattle, WA

You guys, this couple!

Ah! I’m going to try not to go on and on about them, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to help it.

They are just one of the best couples I’ve ever worked with. So fun, easy going, playful, relaxed, and just plain ADORABLE together.

They had no qualms about the rain that kept threatening our session as they enjoyed leisurely exploring Camp Long while making each other laugh and smile to no end.

They are so sweet with each other and seemingly perfectly in tune. They always knew exactly how to pose and look so natural-their session was like a perfectly choreographed synchronized dance that I happened to be watching.

With an engagement session this magical, I can’t even begin to imagine how special their wedding is going to be. I absolutely can’t wait to witness it!

Tin and Trang, thank you for being truly awesome people and allowing me to be a part of your engagement session. And also for not laughing (too hard) when I backed into that curb and fell into the bushes. You’re good people. Please enjoy your feature on the blog!

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