H Family

Family Session | Seattle Chinese Garden

This family had one of those sessions that felt less like working and more like playing at the park with friends.

Sara gave me great tips on the Rothys I noticed she was wearing, I got to talk wedding planning with her sister, and Faith and Oliver entertained us with clapping and renditions of “Happy Birthday”.

I even learned a handy new trick for getting kids to smile and laugh. Who knew jumping made them so happy? Me, now.

While the whole session was a lot of fun, I do have to admit to one embarrassing moment. When his Aunt said, “Ollie, meatball!” to get his attention, I absolutely thought she was calling him by an adorable nickname. I’m pretty sure I said a few times how that was the “best nickname ever”. Near the end of the session, I realized that “meatball” was referring to the snack in his bowl, an actual meatball, and not his nickname!

Please forgive me, I’m a big Jersey Shore fan. But, I also think meatball has a lot of potential for a nickname-maybe it will stick?

Thank you for all the fun and introducing me to this gorgeous location. Please enjoy your feature on the blog!

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