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Maybe I’m a little voyeuristic in nature, but I’ve always been fascinated by “day in the life” type articles. I love reading them and thinking, “hey I do that too, maybe I’m not a complete weirdo.” or “wow that’s a really good idea, I can implement that in my own life.”

So, since I love those types of things so much, I thought I would do one about a typical day in our house.

Maybe you’ll be completely bored, maybe you’ll get an idea or two, maybe you’ll think we ARE complete weirdos, or perhaps you’ll simply be entertained.

Either way, here we go!

Monday November 4, 2019

5:30AM: Wake up time! I get up when Brian gets up for work. While he’s getting ready, I make the bed, go downstairs and turn on the fireplace, then I make Brian’s breakfast and lunch for him to take to work.

6:00AM: Brian leaves for work. I give myself 30 minutes to drink a cup of coffee and scroll the social media.

6:30AM: Once my 30 minutes are up, I go back upstairs to my desk. I review my to-do lists in my planner(s) and write down anything else I think of. Then I write in my Five Minute Journal and read my affirmations.

7:00AM: Exercise. I choose a workout from my Sworkit app that doesn’t sound completely revolting at the moment and suffer through it. Music helps. Today, it’s a kettlebell workout. Then I see how fast I can ride 2 miles on the stationary bike and try to beat my time from the previous day. I attempt to do this 5 days a week, but I’m not always successful.

8:00AM: The kids (and dog) wake up. Brie usually grabs a protein drink and watches PBS. Belle starts reading her current book and waits for me to get back from walking Harris to make breakfast. I take Harris out for his morning walk.

9:00AM: After breakfast, we all begin our daily chores. The girls each have a list to work through (including exercise) and then they begin their individual school work.

10:00AM: The girls continue doing their school work. I mill around doing housework, stopping to help them when they have questions or need instructions. Brie is learning about Australia so she’s reading books for a report on koalas. Belle likes to get through everything so she can get to her Greek Mythology lesson and then tell me what she learned that day. She’s big in mythology after reading EVERYTHING by Rick Riordan this year.

11:00AM: Right around this time, the kids start asking what’s for lunch. I tell them it’s not lunch time yet and to keep working.

11:30AM: The pets remain lazy all day long.

12:00PM: Time to eat! The kids are (usually) done with school at this point, but sometimes they eat while they finish up for the day. Today, we have asparagus risotto with Mediterranean chicken. Brie has a PBJ. If they’re finished with all their school and chores, they’re free to do what they like. Belle goes back to reading and Brie will most likely play Minecraft.

1:00PM: The girls watched the old Ghostbusters movies over the weekend and after lunch, Brie asks if we can watch the new Ghostbusters. So, the girls make hot chocolate and we all watch a movie together. It’s hilarious.

3:00PM: Dad is home! Brian gets home a little earlier than usual today because he was working out of a closer office. Everyone loses their mind when he gets home and rushes to meet him at the door for hugs. Even Harris stops being lazy and gets a toy to bring Brian and let him know that he’s ready to play!

3:30PM: Brian doesn’t get to stay home for very long. Just long enough to say hello and change his clothes before he heads off to football practice.

4:00PM: I attempt to do business-y stuff. I edit some photos and schedule my IG posts for the week. I drink more coffee. The afternoon light in our room is pretty and I get distracted.

5:00PM: I was supposed to make potato soup earlier today, but I watched a movie instead so now it’s 5 and I don’t really have a backup plan. Grilled cheese to the rescue!

6:00PM: I make dinner again to bring to Brian and the girls pack their bags. Then we drive to the high school where Brian coaches and I drop the kids off with him to take to Belle’s basketball practice. Bless his soul.

7:00PM: Everyone is at basketball and I get almost 3 hours of quiet time! I know, I’m a lucky lady. I usually try to work on my educational courses during this time. But on this night, I was just really really tired. So I watched about 30 minutes of content before I went to read a book on the couch and pretty quickly fell asleep.

10:00PM: Everyone returns from basketball and they are kind enough to let me keep sleeping on the couch. The kids brush their teeth, put on their pjs, and get in bed. Brian takes Harris out for his nightly walk and then makes the coffee for the next day.

10:30PM: Brian wakes me up long enough for me to move to the bed. Then it’s Lights Out on this day!

So there you have it, a regular old Monday in the Stogsdill house.

Not every day is the same, but each one is always better than the last.

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