G Family

An Idaho Fall Family Session | St. Maries, Idaho

I was beyond excited for this photo session for three reasons:

  1. I hadn’t seen baby Reid since he was 3 months old!
  2. This family is always Best Dressed at their sessions.
  3. Mary’s hair and makeup are constantly flawless.

Oh, and of course, they are the sweetest family and keep me laughing the whole time.

Upon arrival, little Reid was still in the process of waking up from a nap. They also mentioned that he had gone on a fit bender right before they left for their session.

Cue the apprehension.

I have kids, who were also babies once.

5:00pm + being woken up from a nap = angry baby

Reid awakens fully from his slumber. I brace for impact. He meets the gaze of my assistant.

And gives the biggest happiest smile on the planet.


It was silly of me to think, even for a second, that he would be anything less than perfectly wonderful.

His parents are wonderful, he was a joy the last time I saw him, and he’s also not one of my kids. So of course he was just perfect!

Reid had a great time exploring the leaves on the ground (and in the trees), Josh kept us laughing (as always), and not a single complaint about the colder than usual temperature was uttered by anyone (at least that I could hear).

This family is just too good to be true!

Enjoy their adorableness in all its glory through the rest of this blog post.

Josh and Mary, I adore your little family (in case you couldn’t tell already!).

Keep up the excellent work!

And don’t forget about that Billy Madison date night I assigned you. I expect a full report at our next session!

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