T Family

A Family of Five Fall Session | St. Maries, Idaho

You know what makes little boys laugh?

Any use of the word “butt”. Seriously.

Does. Not. Fail.

Little girls? Not so much. Maybe when she’s a little older though.

At the very beginning of this session, Mom was worried that her kids were being extra difficult. Some didn’t want to smile, some didn’t want to sit…or stand…some were perfect the entire time.

Two things.

First, that is 100% completely normal behavior and doesn’t bother me a bit. Second, look at all the wonderful photos we got of this family! No evidence of struggle. Not a trace.

Just pure family joy and fun.

That’s what I love about photography.

I love it when grandparents get to be included. Such a special bond that deserves to be documented.

And let me tell you, nothing, no not even butt jokes, can make kids laugh and smile like a grandparent.

Please enjoy this gorgeous family’s photos through the rest of this blog post.

And then go call your grandparents.

Sam and Brandon, keep rocking this parenting gig, being patient, and playing with your kiddos.

It looks good on all of you.

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