Josh & Lisa

An Adventurous Woodland Wedding | Cascade Park | North Bend, WA

The invitation read, “Our adventure begins”.

And this wedding truly seemed to embody that sense of adventure.

At the edge of the shore of the most picturesque lake you could imagine, as ducks swam by and deer leisurely strolled through the ceremony, the heavens opened up and poured out their good luck on the day.

While surrounded by their closest friends, family, and co-workers, Josh and Lisa officially began their adventure together as husband and wife.

I adored this wedding and Lisa’s attention to detail. Her sash, nails, and hair all matched the wedding decor. Even the hatchet handle was blue! Lisa really stole my heart with those hydrangea centerpieces too (and sent me home with one to top it off!)

Witnessing my first Handfasting Ceremony was one of the highlights for me. It was one of the most lovely and symbolic things I’ve seen included in a wedding to date.

The cake was so magnificent; I imagine it was painful to cut into. Their first dance in the midst of a sea of sparklers was an amazingly unique touch. They finished up the celebration with s’mores around the bonfire-I couldn’t imagine a more perfect evening.

Keeping true to their spirit of adventure, Josh and Lisa literally hiked around the ENTIRE lake during their portraits-in her wedding dress! They were up for anything and Josh kept us laughing the whole time. Which was fantastic because Josh and Lisa both have the most wonderful laughs-so joyous; just like this day!

Josh and Lisa, thank you for inviting us into your celebration and allowing us to witness all the beauty you’ve created together.

Best wishes and Congratulations.

Let the adventure begin!

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