Gabrielle Rosalie

A Girly Twirly Ninth Birthday Photoshoot

This girl is like no one I’ve ever met before. She’s the best of everything; all rolled into one. Beautiful, smart, funny, stubborn, scared, and compassionate.

She loves to learn more than anything and the library is her favorite place to visit. We had to put a limit on the number of books she could bring home at one time.

This year she discovered sharks and hasn’t looked back. She can tell you everything there is to know about them. She counted down the days until Shark Week and we could hardly budge from the tv during those 7 days.

With the discovery of her love for sharks, came her heart to save them as well. She formed clubs, organized fundraisers, wrote to Congress, donated money, joined mailing lists, and created endless documents full of statistics.

Sweet girl, my little activist-you are so smart and so wonderful.

You are going to change the world. You already have.

Happy 9th Birthday Gabrielle. May all your wishes come true and all the sharks be saved.

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