16 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day

You’ve been planning your wedding for months now. Every spare minute and free weekend has been consumed with invitation samples, color swatches, and cake tastings.

The day you’ve been endlessly planning for has arrived. It’s all done and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

But wait.

The caterer is calling and wants to know where they should park. Where are you supposed to put the tip money for the DJ, your wedding dress doesn’t have pockets! Did anyone bring the marriage license?

You just wanted to relax and enjoy the biggest day of your life!

After all that planning and prepping, you deserve to kick back, sip that mimosa, and revel in all of your dreams come to life. That’s why I put together these tips. Read on for 16 ways to make your wedding day stress free.

1 | Prepare a timeline.

You don’t have to know that your first dance will be at exactly 8:05pm, but having an order of events will help your day run like clockwork. It’s especially helpful to include any vendors arrival/delivery times and give them each a copy.

2 | Put someone in charge.

Even if you aren’t working with a planner or a day of coordinator, that doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. You don’t want to be fielding phone calls and arranging deliveries. Ask someone you trust to be the point of contact for the day.

3 | Try on your wedding shoes.

Try on your wedding shoes in advance. Walk around your house in them for a few days to break them in and make sure they aren’t going to give you blisters down the aisle. Even then, bring another pair of shoes for dancing at the reception.

4 | Gather your details in a separate box ahead of time.

Set aside a small box (maybe the box you just took your shoes out of to start breaking them in?) and start putting all your details in it. Your photographer will thank you enormously! Things to include: invitation suite, wedding bands, ring box, earrings, hair pieces, necklace, anything sentimental you’ll be carrying, your something old-new-borrowed-blue.

5 | Make sure someone knows how to bustle your gown.

Arrange ahead of time for someone to be in charge of bustling your gown. Your Maid of Honor, sister, mom, or mother in law might be good choices. Make sure they either already know how or learn before the wedding day. It will save you a good portion of your time after the ceremony.

6 | Pack an emergency kit.

Better safe than sorry and it will give you peace of mind. Some things you might include in your emergency kit: tissues, bobby pins, stain stick, double sided tape, and mints.

7 | Have a getting ready playlist.

Nothing affects your mood quite like music. Create a playlist for while you’re getting your hair and makeup done that will get you ready to party and uplift you far away from any stress.

8 | Choose your pre-dress outfit thoughtfully.

Plan ahead what you will wear on your wedding day BEFORE you get into your dress. You will want something comfortable, that slips off easily so as not to mess up your hair and makeup, and that looks cute in your getting ready photos.

9 | Take care of yourself.

Be fully prepared so you can get plenty of rest the night before. Make sure you eat during the day before the ceremony. It’s easy to get busy or be nervous and forget to eat, but it’s going to be a long day and you need nourishment. Drinking water is also extremely important.

10 | Don’t try any new beauty products.

A bad reaction to a new face mask or night cream is definitely the opposite of stress free on your wedding day. Don’t take any chances. Only use products and treatments that you’ve tried well in advance.

11 | Clean that bling.

Have your engagement ring professionally cleaned by your jeweler before the wedding. It will really make it sparkle in your photos.

12 | Don’t forget the cake knife.

Gather reception items in one place and give them to someone ahead of time who will get them to right spot. Things not to forget: a knife to cut the cake, toasting glasses, guestbook, and a pen for the guestbook.

13 | Take care of payments.

If you will be making final vendor payments and/or tipping vendors on the wedding day, separate the appropriate funds into labeled envelopes and give them to someone you trust to distribute.

14 | Don’t leave your gifts behind.

Make sure you have someone assigned to gather the gifts and cards from the gift table and deliver them safely to you after the reception.

15 | Designate the housekeeping.

Ask someone to clean up the reception site the next day (if you will be responsible for doing that) and to return any rentals so nothing gets forgotten.

16 | Plan your escape.

Know ahead of time who will be driving and what car. You might not be able, or want to, drive yourselves after the reception.

Bonus Tip: Relax + Reflect

Take a moment alone to just reflect back on everything that led up to this day and appreciate everything you are experiencing. Get excited about your future from here!

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