Arthur + Family

A Session for the Generations |Washington Family Photographer

King Arthur. Aquaman. This baby. What do they all have in common?

Their name of course!

As for their similarities after that, I’m afraid it’s bit too early to tell. But I’ll tell you what I DO know.

Arthur, and his family, are exceptional people!

At only three months old, he is a seriously well behaved baby. Like, the most well behaved baby I’ve ever met-including my own children!

So calm, smiley, content, and talkative. He told me a lot of “stories” during our session.

As for Mom and Dad, you’d never know this was their first baby. Experts, I’m telling you! They knew exactly what he wouldn’t like to do and what his sounds meant even when they couldn’t see his face. I repeat-they are only THREE months into this! I was majorly impressed.

It was particularly amazing that Grandma and Grandpa could be included in some photos too. If you ask me, there are just not enough photos in the world with Grandparents.

Adoring Grandparents are one of the best gifts life has to offer.

Arthur’s Grandma and Grandpa were the definition of adoring. Grandma was so completely doting-it was the sweetest thing. She could get his attention to make him smile so easily and she was the first one to run and grab whatever baby needed. Grandma says that Arthur makes her feel ten years younger.

Yes, that was my heart melting.

I truly loved capturing your family dynamic. I hope these photos bring a smile to all your faces-even yours, Arthur!

I’m looking forward to including your fur babies next time. Until then, please enjoy your blog post!

Arthur, you are the star of the show-thanks for letting me be in the audience!

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