World’s Greatest Dad

A Tribute To My Husband for Father’s Day

When I met and fell in love with the man that would become my husband, at a mere 16 years old, I don’t ever remember thinking, ” He’s the one for me because I bet he will be a really great Dad someday.” I’m fairly certain that at 16 all I thought about were his gorgeous green eyes, full lips, and how great he sounded singing country music.

In the blink of an eye, it was 5 years later. We were married and expecting our first baby. Even then, I was still thinking about his gorgeous green eyes when I said to myself repeatedly, “I hope this baby has his eyes.”

I never wondered if he would be a good Dad-I guess I just always knew he would be.

And I was not wrong.

Except, I knew he would be a good Dad and it turns out, he’s the world’s greatest.

If I listed every amazing Dad thing he does, this post would never end. But I will tell you some of my most favorites.

He is so endlessly patient. He plays Minecraft. He does the best “high ponies”. He brushes and braids hair. He hosts wrestling night. He does sword fights. He teaches coding. He does all the basketball chauffeuring. He makes the best pancakes.

He dyes their hair. He gets them to church. He makes them laugh. He impresses them with his mad rap skills. He does secret handshakes for good luck. He goes through their incredibly long and complicated bedtime process without complaining.

He makes them think. He makes them work hard. He teaches them how to be good people.

Just like him.

I’m still here swooning over his good looks and tearing up at the sound of him singing a country song.

But I’m also thanking my lucky stars our girls got the World’s Greatest Dad.

And yes, they do have his eyes.

2 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Dad

  1. That was beautiful! I am so happy for you. You have always been amazing and deserved the very best and it makes me happy you found your very best soul mate and so young!


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