I Took A Picture With My Kids Every Day For A Month

It’s Mom Challenge | Mother’s Day Series | 2021

This year, I decided to participate in an Instagram Challenge for the month of May.

The premise was simple; take a photo with at least one of your kids every day. Then you post it to Instagram using the specified hashtag. There was even a handy list of prompts to use.

It seemed like a fun little thing to do for Mother’s Day, but I didn’t expect how much I would absolutely adore the results. Second only to my Project 365, I think this is the most important personal project I’ve ever done.

Did I love being in front of the camera every. single. day? Not even a little bit.

Did I wish I was thinner, or had fixed my hair, or not worn the same sweatshirt quite so many days last month? You better believe it.

I know these photos won’t mean anything to anyone outside of this family, but when I look at them all, I feel so thankful that my girls will always have these and someday they’ll be showing them to their grandchildren!

That’s a gift worth setting aside my insecurities for.

I hope this little series inspires you to get in front of that camera and in the photos with your children. Ultimately, it’s only the memories that matter.

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