Girl Mom

Motherhood Session | Tanner Landing | North Bend, WA

To be perfectly honest, the whole reason I even learned how to use a camera was so that my girls and I would have photos like these.

I love to imagine my great great grandwhatevers looking at these and all the other photos I’ve taken of us, far into the future, and feeling like they know us; whether we ever met or not. Saying, “Did they really use to dress like that?” or maybe, “Wow, you have great great grandma Misty’s eyes!”

For now, these are pretty pictures to hang on our walls or print in albums. My girls remember a fun evening in the park when we stopped by our favorite coffee place and had to hide in the car from big dogs not on leashes in between photos. But someday, these photos will be something even more.

The nostalgic sentimental person I am would love nothing more than to create photos like these for every family.

Let’s get started.

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