Kennedy + Family

Sibling and Family Session | Nolte State Park | Washington Portrait Photographer

I’m a terrible sister.

I’ve had a little brother and a little sister for 24 and 27 years and haven’t done a formal photo session with them!

Kennedy here is only 11 and she was sweet enough to request photos with her baby brother and family. She was even well organized enough to have a Pinterest board of pose ideas to share with me!

You’re putting me to shame, Kennedy.

My sisterly convictions aside, this session was my cup of tea. You all know I’m a sucker for those coordinated outfits- this group was killing it! Plus, a baby in a beanie? I mean come on, it doesn’t really get any cuter than that.

And, I know everyone loves those smiling baby photos, but I just thought Kayden’s intense gaze was so captivating. His expressions really drew you in and told a story.

Kennedy, Maleah, Marc, and Kayden- thank you so much for allowing me to capture the special bond you all share. Please enjoy your feature on the blog!

If you have siblings, make it a point to take a photo together the next time you see them. I know I will.

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