At-Home Photo Sessions

The Complete Guide to Beautiful Portraits Without Leaving Your Home

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You’re gonna miss this, so remember it forever with an at-home photo session.

What Is An At-Home Photo Session

Simply put, an at-home photo session is a photography session that takes place, you guessed it, at your home.

You might be familiar with the term “lifestyle session”. Sometimes these are used interchangeably, but they are slightly different.

A lifestyle session is when a photographer comes to your home and captures your family living daily life with minimal interference from the photographer. Some sort of activity is usually planned such as baking, reading, or playing games together and then photos are taken as the activity unfolds.

An at-home session is when a photographer comes to your home and poses you for photos much like they would if you were outside or in a studio.

Often, I prefer a blend of both styles in one session so you can have the best of both worlds. (Hannah Montana anyone? No, just me? Alright fine)

A posed photo that looks candid-the best of both worlds.

Why an At-Home Photo Session Might Be Right For You

You will have truly unique images. Your home isn’t like anyone else’s and your photos won’t be either.

It’s convenient. No need to worry about getting everyone camera ready and out of the house on time. It doesn’t matter if it rains or snows. You don’t have to dress for the heat or the cold. You get to stay conveniently at home and let the photos come to you.

You, and the people you love, are more than just one portrait. Your home, where and how you live your life every day, and how you interact with each other are all important pieces of your story that deserve to be documented and remembered.

It’s comfortable at home. When you’re comfortable, you take better photos. It’s science…probably.

There are great options to bring variety to your photos- different rooms of your home, your yard, outside on the porch, a walk in the neighborhood. Variety abounds!

Traditional portraits in your own home are possible-and easier than you imagine.

How It Works

An at home photo session is a lot like any other session, except you don’t have to put on shoes, unless you want to of course.

Your photographer will come to your home, say hello, and take a little walking tour to find the best light and locations. If you have already chosen your favorite spaces, you can inform your photographer and cut out that last step.

Then you will be posed for your traditional portraits, placed and directed for your candid photos, and photographed. Easy peasy.

Nothing but the floor, a blanket, and a window needed for this beautiful baby portrait.

How to Prepare

Aside from the standard choosing outfits and fixing hair/makeup, there’s little you need to do to prepare for an at- home photo session.

If you already know which rooms or spaces of your home you would like to use, you might do a quick tidy to remove any clutter. However, your photographer won’t be shy about doing that for you either!

All that’s left to do is relax and enjoy being at home with your loved ones.

Want variety? Step outside into your yard.

Common Misconceptions

“My house has to be perfectly clean/magazine worthy.” Wrong! It’s your home, you live there, there will (and should) be evidence of that. Your photographer knows how to hide distractions and how to incorporate the elements that are relevant to the story you want your photos to tell.

“We can’t get a traditional ‘Christmas card photo’ in our house.” Wrong! In fact, I took my family’s Christmas card photo in my house this year and it’s my favorite one yet.

“My house isn’t big enough for a photo session.” I bet you know what’s coming here- wrong again! If you have a place to sit/stand, a window, and you don’t mind your furniture possibly being temporarily rearranged, you have everything you need for beautiful portraits.

This photo was taken in my entryway with just the open front door for light.

Outdoor photo sessions with golden glowing light and stunning scenery are works of art that you should absolutely commission.

Your life at home, with the people you love, is a masterpiece worthy of chronicling just as much-maybe even more?

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