W Family

An Extended Family Fall Session | Isaac Evans Park | Auburn, WA

When I was first contacted about doing this session, I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect.

This 5 year old wanted a photo that included BOTH of his families. Mom, stepdad, and little brother plus Dad, stepmom, and little sister.

Not the everyday request. At least for me anyway.

But, it ended up being one of those experiences that changes your outlook on the world a little.

Two individual families putting this little guy first and showing him how exponentially loved he is. Adorable babies full of laughs who are best friends. Moms and Dads who treat each other like family-because that’s what they are.

Nothing but love. Big love.

Please enjoy my favorite photos from this session and all the feel-good-faith-in-humanity you will have afterwards.

Thanks for bringing everyone together, dude.

Keep shining that light.

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