TS Family

A Rainy Washington Fall Family Session | Lake Wilderness Park | Maple Valley, WA

It’s Saturday and the weather is awful. Like non-stop rain, wind, yuck- plus the forecast is calling for thunderstorms in the late afternoon.

Reluctantly, I reschedule my family session for that afternoon. Babies and thunderstorms just aren’t things that I want to mix together.

Four o’clock comes around, which is when I would have been at my family session, and what do you know, the stinking sun is out and shining and just- what?

Curse you weather, it would have been perfect!

Now it’s Sunday and the weather is awful again. Heavy rain and all that gross stuff. But I learned my lesson from the day before. I’m not rescheduling another session only to have the weather laugh in my face again.

No such luck this time, it keeps right on raining.

However, luck was with me, because this sweet family was as determined as I was. Mom said, “we were all ready and we were going to do it no matter what.” Spoken like a true Western Washington family.

And you know what? They made it look effortless.

One of my favorite things about this family are these two girls.

Aubrey is such a good big sister-always patient, trying to get Kenzie to cooperate, holding her hand, and asking her gentle little questions. Plus, Aubrey is model material. She smiles and poses and is just the perfect subject.

Kenzie was so fun this year. She told me stories about her cousin, informed me that she is afraid of witches (wait, was I the witch in this scenario?) , and was super excited to get her a slurpee after her photos-with chips.

I hear you girl, I would do some stuff for chips too.

Plus, every time we took a photo, Kenzie would say, “hooray, I did it!” I think everyone should be that proud of themselves all the time. The world needs more of that Kenzie, so keep it up!

On top of that, this mom and dad are the kind of parents that make you want to be a better parent. You know? . Calm, loving, and just generally happy to be with their kids. They didn’t stress or overreact.

My favorite part was, when we were walking back towards where we had parked, and Kenzie decided to run right through the middle of a giant puddle-soaking her shoes. Mom and Dad didn’t freak. They agreed it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was only water after all.

That’s when I thought, ok I clearly need to be taking lessons from you guys!

I also thought, no wonder you have such wonderful kids. The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Thank you for letting me observe and photograph your family. I learned so much from each of you.

Now everyone, repeat after me, “hooray, I did it!”

And enjoy your slurpees. The green ones.

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