Brandon & Samantha

A Timeless Home Town Wedding | Cliffside | St. Maries, Idaho

“This wedding is 11 years in the making.”, I overheard the Groom say during the rehearsal. And wow, was that ever apparent throughout their day!

I’ve never seen a wedding like this one and I’m willing to bet you haven’t either.

I actually feel a little speechless when I think about trying to describe this day. Maybe that’s the best way to sum it up-it was indescribable.

First of all, the ceremony took place on a cliff overlooking the entire town. That by itself was enough to earn this wedding a First Place ribbon, but it didn’t stop there. The Groom RAPPED his vows, to the beat of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song, and still managed to make everyone cry!

Are you sold yet? Well wait, there’s more.

The Bride looked like she was famous as she made her entrance through custom barn doors that stood in the middle of a fairytale woodland setting. The couple’s first dance was choreographed to match the “Thinking Out Loud” music video, the Groom and Groomsmen reenacted “Men in Tights”- while wearing actual tights, the decor was thoughtful and tasteful, the food was made with love, the custom sugar cookies were a sweet touch.

I can’t forget about the music. The Groom walked down the aisle with his entourage to “Here Comes the Boom”, while handing out high fives.

The Bride blushed as the Groom retrieved her garter, they laughed as they fed each other the most delicate bites of cake, they were surrounded by all the important people who love them, and Brandon couldn’t stop looking at Sam like he was a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.

It was sweet, it was stunning, it made you laugh, it made you cry-and it was worth waiting for.

Brandon and Sam, enjoy your feature on the blog! May you relive this day over and over and always love like it’s the beginning.

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