A Journey Into Architectural and Interior Photography

Clean and Bright Kitchen Design | Bellevue, WA

Have you ever not tried something? Like maybe creamed spinach or gymnastics?

Not really for any reason in particular, but because you think you know yourself and you should stay in your lane? Or the thought just never occurred to you that you should try the thing?

I know I have. Sauerkraut, painting, and skinny jeans come to mind. Here’s the thing, you really DON’T know until you try. Now, I love me some sauerkraut, thoroughly enjoy a little watercolor painting, and live in skinny jeans. Well, I did before quarantine and Gen Z told us they weren’t cool anymore, but you get the point.

Adding to my list of things I never thought to try and ended up loving: photographing interiors!

As soon as I showed up for this session and got to the designers put their finishing touches on styling the space, I fell hook, line, and sinker! Why had I never done this before? It’s glorious!

Long story short, I had an incredibly amazing time photographing the world’s most beautiful kitchen. I especially loved watching the designers work and seeing their final vision. An added bonus, I learned something about myself.

Next up, gymnastics?! Maybe not.

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