M Family

Grandparents Session | Plantes Ferry Park |Spokane, WA

I always enjoy my family sessions, but this one had me laughing until my sides ached. This Grammy and Papa have the most joyous grandkids and you can tell that they love every minute with them.

I laughed so hard when one of their granddaughters looked at my husband, who was graciously carrying my camera bag for me, and says to him mockingly, “you have a purse.”

The rest of the session continued in the same manner. It was an absolute blast filled with laughing, making silly faces, and even a little wrestling-the kids, not me.

I will say that it had it’s tender moments too. Grammy and Papa are clearly so in love and have a ton of fun together. There was also a very special mother/daughter bond that made me want to get a matching tattoo with my mom.

Angel and Colin (and everyone else too!), I know I’ve said it a million times, but I really did enjoy your session so much. It was fun and inspiring and I hope I get to work with you all again!

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