Hello and Welcome!

Misty | Portrait Photographer | Washington

Who I Am

I promise I’ll tell you all about me, but first, did anyone else look at that heading up there and think that this was an episode of The Bachelor or something? If they were interviewing me, that would be the little snippet of information that popped up at the bottom of the screen while I was speaking.

Maybe that’s all you need to know about me. But if you’re still trying to decide if I’m the photographer deserving of your imaginary rose, I’ll give you a little bit more to go on.

Most importantly, I would never be on The Bachelor.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve cleared my schedule every Monday night since Nick was deciding between Vanessa and Raven, but I adore my husband and have been thanking my lucky stars every day since he married me in 2006. Hence, no Bachelor for me. Happily.

Alright, so you already know that I’m (clearly) a fan of The Bachelor and that I’ve been married for forever. The other defining thing about me is that I’m a mom to two perfectly imperfect little girls. That’s all I ever really wanted to be, a wife and mom, so all this other stuff is just icing on the glorious cake.

Still, if that’s all I told you about myself, that wouldn’t paint a very complete picture. With that being said, I summed up everything you could want to know about me, speed dating style, in the sidebar of this website.

You’re right, it would be rude to send you off hunting for it- here’s a recap:

I’m Misty.

Wife of a genius, mom of 2 girls, photographer, hiker, homeschooler, coffee stalker, and Seattle Mariners fan.

Goldendoodle fur mama, cat lady, planner, book nerd, movie quoter, yogi, tiramisu connoisseur, and aspiring watercolor artist.

What I Do

The short version is I’m a portrait photographer in Washington (because that’s where I live) and Idaho (because that’s where I know a lot of people).

The lengthier verbose version is:

Well, I’ll at least skip to the part where I got my first DSLR. It was 2013, I was over trying to take photos of our children with my point and shoot, so for my 28th birthday I asked for, and received, my Canon Rebel T3i. I very quickly realized you can’t get by with a “nice” camera alone and started my journey to shooting in manual.

Down the rabbit hole.

Once I felt like I had done all I could on my own, I made the choice to enroll in the New York Institute of Photography and received my certificate of graduation in 2018. Six years, two camera body upgrades, more lens purchases than my husband would like, and “20 seconds of courage”, we opened the doors of 26 Evergreen Photography.

What I Can Do For You

These days, little makes me happier than photographing families and children for those Christmas cards or to decorate your home with. Visible reminders of the love that lives there.

Capturing couples in love or recently engaged so you can share your excitement with the world- and send out those wedding invitations you’ve been dreaming of for a long time now! Or your anniversary. Or a special occasion. Or just because.

Documenting your maternity session so you will always remember the miracle of pregnancy and how beautiful you looked.

Bringing convenience to you with a lifestyle newborn session in your own home. You can relax and enjoy baby and while always remembering this fleeting, precious time- because everyone is absolutely right; it does go by fast.

Creating those powerful headshots so you can make the best first impression on your social media profile, resume, or business card.

What a blessing and a privilege to be invited into the happiest moments of your lives and create a tangible memory to share with generations to come.

Still want to know more? Just ask.

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