The 14 Best Photo Locations In and Around Seattle

“I have no idea where to go.”

That is usually the first thing someone says to me right after, “we would love to have you take some photos of us.” The good news is, you don’t have to have it all figured out.

I’m happy to tell you where to go.

Or, if you like options, I have those too. That’s why I created this list of my 14 favorite photo locations in and around the Seattle area.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Covington Community Park (Covington)

What you’ll find here: Trails, forest, hills, flowers, field.

  1. Clark Lake Park (Kent)

What you’ll find here: Trails, boardwalk, dock on lake, rustic steps, wooden fences, tall grass field, wooden bridges.

3.Tanner Landing Park (North Bend)

What you’ll find here: Riverbank, open fields, trails, wooded area, mountain views, tree farm trees.

4. Marymoor Park (Redmond)

What you’ll find here: Open fields, covered area, concrete stairs, iron gate. NOTE: There is a fee to park.

5. Luther Burbank (Mercer Island)

What you’ll find here: Open fields, brick building, concrete dock, Lake Washington, grassy areas, sandy beach area, fall colors.

6. Seattle Chinese Garden (Seattle)

What you’ll find here: Wide open fields, interesting architecture, fall colors, garden foliage, paved paths.

7. Nolte State Park ( Black Diamond)

What you’ll find here: Lake, docks, field/forest, rustic building, trails. NOTE: There is an entrance fee or Discover Pass required.

8. Lake Wilderness (Maple Valley)

What you’ll find here: Fields, forest, beach, lake, docks, bridges, wooden fence, fall colors.

9. Isaac Evans Park (Auburn)

What you’ll find here: River, riverbank, bridge, large trees, wooden fence, fall colors.

10. DeCoursey Park (Puyallup)

What you’ll find here: Open areas, stream access, tall grasses, fall colors, boardwalk/dock on pond.

11. Downtown Enumclaw (Enumclaw)

What you’ll find here: Brick buildings, small urban vibe, interesting alley ways.

12. Soos Creek Park (Kent)

What you’ll find here:Trail, fields, tall grass, wooden bridge, tree farm trees, fallen logs.

13. Camp Long (Seattle)

What you’ll find here: Iron gates, stone walls, stone building, trails, open fields, wooden bridge, stone steps, stone climbing wall.

14.In your home

What you’ll find here: Your stuff, convenience, one of a kind.

I’m always looking for new locations to add to my list. If you know of a photo worthy place, let me know!

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